Junior Counselor Information

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Additional JC Gift Information

Congratulations on being chosen as a Junior Counselor for this year’s MASC Summer Workshop in Fulton!  We’re looking forward to camp and can’t wait to work with you!

One responsibility and opportunity as a JC is to inspire all of camp through a JC Gift.  In addition to the document mailed to you in April, further information is below to help you create an amazing JC Gift!

Please note these important points before starting:

  • Gifts must be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • You must send us your Gift before camp.  The deadline to email your Gift is May 20.
  • Gifts must include a “leadership lesson” and be appropriate to show at camp.
  • You will probably not know your council letter before your Gift is due.  Begin working on your Gift today.
  • We will review your Gift before camp.  If it does not meet the criteria outlined in the information provided, we will not show it at camp!

What is a JC Gift?

A JC Gift is your 2 minutes to share a leadership lesson with all of camp.  The idea is to inspire and motivate the delegates.  You will not be physically giving anything to the delegates.  Rather, your Gift will be an idea, concept, advice, suggestion, etc., that inspires the delegates to go home and be active leaders in their school!

Your Gift must include a “leadership lesson”.  We want the delegates to be able to take your “Gift” home with them and apply it to their life, school, student council, or community.  Demonstrating your skills as a leader in your school and community is much more important than showcasing your talents in video production or comedy.  Most JC’s who attempt to make their video “funny” are told to redo their gift.  Your job is to inspire students, not make them laugh.

If Marty Powers was to give a gift, he could give the Gift of:
“Doing Everything With GUSTO!”  In everything you do in life, make sure you do it with GUSTO!  Ensure you put 110% in everything – everyday! 

This is a concept he believes in and helps shape his life, thus this would make for an excellent Gift.

What NOT to do

Your JC Gift should be inspirational.  You should not simply talk about an inside joke, a sad or horror story, or something that only the people from your school will know.  It is also not a time to just be funny – your goal is to inspire students!

There must be a concept or idea for the delegates to take back with them.  Simply showing various places in your community, pictures of friends, pets, etc., without explaining further is not acceptable.

Also unacceptable is playing in Wal-Mart or other stores, dangerous or distracted driving, and anything that is dangerous, illegal, or otherwise not appropriate in a school setting.  Gifts that are not acceptable will not be played at camp.

Marty Powers wishes to give the Gift of his town “Fredericktown, MO” because this is where he grew up and thinks it’s cool.  He drives around town filming various stores, parks, and his high school.

This Gift would not be acceptable and we would ask him to redo it or it just may not be shown.

If Marty wanted to show us his town, he should include a concept or inspiration.  He could film his Gift at the football field in Fredericktown.  From there, he could give us the Gift of “Follow Your Dreams”.  Marty could tell us his dream has been to play Football in college, what he did to work toward that goal, and to never give up on your dreams…Marty didn’t and will now be playing football in college!

What happens at Camp?

JC Gifts are shown during General Sessions at Camp in the Dome. Monday will be the first day Gifts are shown. About 6 Gifts will be shown at a time. Camp Staff will assign the time your Gift will be shown and the order they will occur during each session. Staff will post the Gift schedule in advance.

When it is your turn, you will walk on stage to the microphone and state your name and council letter. Staff will play your Gift from the balcony so there is nothing further you would need to do. We will be there to help you.

How to create and submit your Gift:

There are 2 ways of creating a JC Gift and your Gift must be submitted to us BEFORE camp (May 29), regardless of the option selected. The following criteria apply to each method:


  • Gifts must be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Gifts are accepted thru May 20 – You must email your gift by the end of the day on May 20. (Do not send it to us on Facebook.)
  • Gifts must include a “leadership lesson” and be appropriate to show at camp, as detailed above.

OPTIONS – Chose one of the following options to create and submit your JC Gift

  1. YouTube (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – we will encounter the fewest technical problems both in advance and at camp with this option)
  • You will need to create or have a YouTube account. You will create your video and upload it to www.youtube.com. When complete, you will email us the link (URL) to your YouTube video. We will watch it to ensure it is appropriate and works correctly.
  • When uploading, ensure you title your video as follows: “First Name Last Name” – 2022 JC Gift Video.
  • For help on uploading to YouTube, getting started, creating a YouTube account and more, visit this website: http://bit.ly/jcgift8
  • Please do not share your video with others or post it on Facebook/online! Fulton should be the first time people see your gift video!
  • Please set the “Privacy” setting to “unlisted”. This will ensure no one sees it before camp. See this for help: http://bit.ly/jcgift7
  • You must understand that by uploading your video to YouTube, it is viewable for the world to see! Do not include personal information!
  1. PowerPoint/Prezi – (By not uploading to YouTube, your gift will not be on the list of links to JC Gifts on YouTube provided to all JCs after camp.)
  • You will create your Gift using PowerPoint or Prezi and email us the presentation or link to your Prezi. Note, if including music or video in your PowerPoint, you must send the actual audio and video files along with the PowerPoint file. Sending only the PowerPoint file will not always capture the video and audio in your presentation. If using Prezi, this is not necessary.
  • For PowerPoint, ensure your presentation is set to auto play through all the slides (Do not have it so you must click to advance to the next slide).

For PowerPoint, use common fonts. If we do not have the same fonts on our system, your presentation will look slightly different. Stick with the basics. Allow about an inch of blank space on all sides of the slide. Info all the way to the edge may get cut off when we project it in the Dome.

Some Points To Improve Your Video

  • Do not film your video while it’s windy outside.  We’ll hear the wind but not your voice!
  • If you have background music in your video, ensure the volume is very low.  We need to hear you, not your music!
  • Try and use a tripod so your video is not jerky.
  • Is the volume low or is it hard to hear you after you upload the video to YouTube and listen to it yourself?  It will be even harder to you hear you in the auditorium in Fulton!  Redo you video to ensure the volume is loud and we can hear everything easily.

What to do now

  • Begin thinking and creating your Gift today!  The deadline to email your Gift is May 20.  You will be very busy at the end of the school year with graduations, parties, etc.  These are not excuses to miss the deadline!
  • We understand that some people will not have the equipment to create their Gift.  You will need to work with others to find the equipment and supplies necessary.  Speak with other JC’s, friends, and people at your school for help.

Send your JG Gift to the email below.

Preston Hickert