Winter Energizer Cancellation Information

The Missouri Department of Transportation has issued a winter weather advisory for reduced travel in Missouri starting Thursday night, Jan. 12, through Sunday, Jan. 15. Forecasters are predicting significant amounts of freezing rain, sleet and ice and MoDOT is advising that travel during this time be avoided.

Because we have students and staff members who would travel from all areas of our state, MASC is cancelling Winter Energizer 2017. We regret having to do this, but do not want to put anyone in harm’s way.

Winter Energizer Cancellation FAQ’s:

Will the event be rescheduled?
No, unfortunately, Winter Energizer will not be rescheduled.

Will my registration fee be refunded?
Students will get a partial refund in the postal mail in the next three weeks, along with their Energizer shirt. The amount withheld from the registration fee will pay for your t-shirt and the one non-refundable meal you would have gotten at Windermere.

What was the process to decide to cancel Winter Energizer? What if the weather isn’t bad?
This was a very difficult determination to make and many things played into the final decision. We understand that the weather can change in an instant and that it may not be bad in one area, while other parts of our state are getting pounded with ice and snow. We want to honor the MODOT warnings and keep people off the roads. Windermere was concerned about power outages in the area and snow removal on their property.
And we certainly would never want anything to happen to any of our participants or staff members. Therefore, we will all stay home, stay warm and safe.

If you have any additional questions about the Winter Energizer cancellation, please contact Terri via email at