How to join

The time is NOW for your school to join the Missouri Association of Student Councils and take advantage of all we have to offer. MASC is sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) and is affiliated with National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). It is a voluntary membership organization which provides leadership training activities for member schools. Membership is open to all junior high, middle and high schools, both public and private, in Missouri.

The MASC Executive Board is made up of an Executive Director, 7 District Board Members (elected every 3 years), state president school advisor(s), past state president school advisor(s) and 3 representatives from MASSP. Membership dues are $100 per school and must be paid by December 31 for a school to be a member and to be considered for an Honor Council award. Schools who pay dues after December 31 will be considered non-members and pay a higher rate for all MASC events. Schools should complete a membership form and mail or fax with school check or purchase order. Advisors are added to the MASC List Serve and receive weekly emails with the latest in MASC news and information. Member status is updated on the list serve on a monthly basis.

Join or Renew your MASC membership today!

Benefits of Membership

  • Email sent weekly with pertinent information, project ideas and topics relating to school climate/culture

  • Website which includes news, forms, project ideas, leadership activities, and up-to-the-minute information

  • Advisor Tools/Resources on website provides additional assistance to our member schools

  • Annual Advisor Training held in October

  • New Advisor Training held in October

  • MASC State Convention held in March

  • State and National scholarship opportunities for students and advisors

  • Summer Leadership Workshop held in June and designed to enhance the leadership skills of students and advisors

  • Missouri Honor Council Recognition of outstanding councils

  • Distinguished Student Leader Program which recognizes outstanding student leaders

  • Fall District Workshops in 7 regional locations

  • Winter Energizer held over MLK weekend for summer attendees to renew and re-energize their leadership skills

  • Advisor recognition for Years of Service and Advisor of the Year program

  • Leadership Class Curriculum endorsed by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals